NvAPI_GPU_GetAllDisplayIds counts 9 outputs on a Quadro RTX 5000


I’m using NVAPI (R525) to get info about my system topology, as the “View system topology” page in the NVIDIA Control Panel does.

I currently have a Quadro RTX 5000 which has 3 DisplayPort and 1 USB-C connectors. I’m trying to get all the possible outputs through calls of NvAPI_GPU_GetAllDisplayIds, as explained in the doc, but NVAPI seems to count 9 DisplayPort and 0 USB-C outputs.

None of these outputs are considered “Dynamic” nor “MultiStreamRootNode” by the API (see NV_GPU_DISPLAYIDS). Also note that display ids seem valid and connected displays are correctly listed.

Why is the NVAPI outputs count different from the number of physical connectors and how to retrieve the physical information?

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