Detect multiple SDI Input on Quadro K5200


I’m working on a quadro K5200 and i follow the quadro SDI Capture Card.
But when i try to query the available video I/O Topologies. I got only 1 vioTotalDeviceCount.
The Quatro has 4 available SDI Input so why do I have only one?

I’ve the 377.35 driver for Quadro K5200.

Here is my code:

// Query Available Video I/O Topologies
    memset(&l_vioTopos, 0, sizeof(l_vioTopos));
    l_vioTopos.version = NVVIOTOPOLOGY_VER;

    if (NvAPI_VIO_QueryTopology(&l_vioTopos) != NVAPI_OK) {
        MessageBox(NULL, (LPCWSTR)"Video I/O Unsupported.", (LPCWSTR)"Error", MB_OK);
        //return E_FAIL;
    printf("%d\n",l_vioTopos.vioTotalDeviceCount);// Here i got 1

Am i doing something wrong?

"one device " means one capture card,
"four input "means four jacks(steams) on the capture card,
you’d better read the programmer’s guide first.