NVAPI support for Linux?


this topic might get old, but I’m really interested if there are any plans for porting nvapi to Linux based systems. Currently the only way to get at least some data from the GPU is using nvidia_smi.

This works pretty good, and the xml output is really nice. However, of course there are some important informations missing. Most of all the GPU load, core & memory clock etc.

It would also be nice to have some controll over the clock speeds, but most important for me is, to have more monitoring possibilities. Since nvidia_smi already has nodes for these values in the xml output (currently filled with “N/A”), I’m sure it’s planned to enhance nvidia_smi.

Can anyone tell me if this is currently on the agenda?

I asked this a while back… the short answer is some of the later drivers actually support monitoring clock speeds (and other parameters) via nvidia-settings query… see:


Also, the latest 337 drivers support overclocking/underclocking in software to some extent via the CoolBits=8 flag in xorg.conf.