Anyway to overclock Geforce card on linux programmatically?

I found that some programs overclock Geforce card. I thought there must be some API library supporting control GPU clock frequency.
The nvml library seems to be able to control clock frequency but doesn’t support Geforce card.
The nvapi library seems to only support Windows.
Any other library support controlling GPU clock frequency of Geforce card on Linux?

There are a lot of threads that discuss this. if you do a google search like this: overclock geforce you can find many of them. Many of them are on the linux driver forum. On linux, if you have a graphical environment loaded, there is the nvidia-settings tool, which uses the “NV Control” library (libxnvctrl). There are hidden features you can enable with “coolbits” (just search, I’m not able to give you a recipe), but what you can or can’t do has definitely changed over time, and may vary from one GPU type to another.