Nvargus crashes intermittently with Jetson Orin Nano and Zed X camera

I’ve been using the Isaac ros vslam node for the zed camera suite and it will crash intermittently. The ros node will initially report that the zed camera has not been initialized then the argus service will crash as shown in the image below.

This shouldn’t be true as the camera was streaming and reporting its position live before the crash. Looking at the nvargus service status it looks like the service fails trying to restart the camera?

The zed service seems fine, and I’ve attached the dmsg.log if that’s needed.

dmesg.log (10.6 KB)
Has anyone else had these issues? I haven’t had any luck debugging them as the crash can happen anywhere from 20 min – 4 hrs.

I would suggest consult with Zed for to get help on it.


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