Nvblox Nav2 Implementation

Hello ,
I’m having some troubles with implementing nvblox into nav2.Specifically iam not sure how to run the plugin / nvblox node that allows Nav2 to consume the nvblox distance map outputs. Iam on a jetson orin nano , i’ve gotten all of the installed isaac ros packages working so far I am just stuck on this. I am sure it is just my lack of knowledge about ros2 as im quite new to all of this.
Thanks In advance for any help.

HI @flavionzambi ,
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Let’s split your question into two parts:

Install Isaac ROS

I don’t know which is your setup, but I suggest following our new documentation and for nvblox follow this simple quickstart


Nvblox and Nav2

The first example that I suggest following is the nav2_isaac_sim.launch.py
(If you want to run, you can test with Isaac SIM)

This launch file runs nav2, passing the nvblox configuration (you can see the configuration from lines 185 to 253. This configuration allows the local_constmap and the global_constmap to use nvblox to detect obstacles