Nvcc compile fails on adding tiny-cuda-nn

Again, if your shaders.cu compilation is for OptiX device code, the NVCC command line options for that are incorrect.
You must not use --compile for any OptiX shader code. You must use either --ptx or --optix-ir.
Means somehow you broke your build envirionment.

CMake bugs aside, if you’re trying to use the CMake CUDA LANGUAGE feature, that will try to compile ALL *.cu files to object code.
You must put OptiX device code *.cu files into a CMake Object Library to exclude them from the default CUDA build process.
Please follow the links in the posts I provided which explain that with an example CMakeLists.txt.
Leads to here: https://forums.developer.nvidia.com/t/why-am-i-getting-optix-dir-notfound/279085/4