NvdsAnalytics for Secondary GIE

• Hardware Platform (Jetson)
**• DeepStream Version 5.1
• JetPack Version (4.5)
**• TensorRT Version 7.x

Can I enable NvdsAnalytics in secondary gie? For example I’m detecting person in primary gie and facemask in secondary gie, Currently I can count the primary in ROI filtering with nvdsanalytics but the facemask is not reflecting on the output

I will check it and feedback later.

Any update on this subject?

Suppose nvdsanalytics don’t know if the output is from pgie or sgie.

Is there a setting that allows nvdsanalytics to know if the output is from pgie or sgie?

Can you share one snapshort for you issue? So we can understand your request.

Currently my main config has a 1 pgie and 1 sgie, that detects objects inside the boundingbox of pgie.

I added nvdsanalytics in my config to use roi filtering.


and in my nvdsanalytics config:

#Width height used for configuration to which below configs are configured
#osd-mode 0: Dont display any lines, rois and text
#         1: Display only lines, rois and static text i.e. labels
#         2: Display all info from 1 plus information about counts
#Set OSD font size that has to be displayed

## Per stream configuration
#enable or disable following feature
#ROI to filter select objects, and remove from meta data
#remove objects in the ROI

it only works on counting the pgie. I also want to count the sgie inside the set roi filtering. Any suggestions?

Can you try “class-id=-1”? You can check the usage in: Gst-nvdsanalytics — DeepStream 5.1 Release documentation