Nvenc encoder has no output

My platfrom is AGX Xaiver(16G), I try to encode the yuv frame into H.264 with nvenc encoder. The application doesn’t work after a period of time, I can get buffer from capture_plane, but the size is always is 0. How to deal this ? where can I get more usefull information?

Please share which release version you are using. And do you run this sample:


The version info is as below:

  • Jetson-AGX
    • Jetpack UNKNOWN [L4T 35.1.0]
    • NV Power Mode: MAXN - Type: 0
    • jetson_stats.service: active
  • Libraries:
    • CUDA: 11.4.239
    • cuDNN:
    • TensorRT:
    • OpenCV: 4.5.4 compiled CUDA: NO
    • VPI: 2.1.6
    • Vulkan: 1.3.203

I have already tried the sample, it works. Please tell me where can I get more nvenc logs, thanks.

We would suggest upgrade to Jetpack 5.1(r35.2.1) and give it a try. Or if Kernel 4.9 is good for you, you may try Jetpack 4.6.3(r32.7.3)

Any way to get more detail? or where can I get nvenc driver log?

You can add --dbg-level 3 to get more log prints:

01_video_encode$ ./video_encode 1080.yuv 1920 1080 H264 a.264 --dbg-level 3

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