Video encode with NVENC

I’m trying to understand the video encode example available at /usr/src/jetson_multimedia_api/samples/01_video_encode

It seems that this program only accepts yuv format. Is this right? If I try to convert a video with another format I get errors. Are other formats supported? If yes, which ones?
Also, does it use the GPU for the encode? Does it use NVENC?

I tried to find more info but with no luck.

Thank you very much.

Only YUV420(I420 or NV12) is supported in H264, please check development guide.

The hardware engine is NVENC, not GPU. When hardware video encoding is running, you can run sudo tegrastats to check if NVENC is running or not. Please also check tegrastats Utility

For more information about jetson_multimedia_api, please check

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