Nvencode supported on xavier nx?

I’m trying to get my nvencode based video streaming code working on a xavier nx, since there seems to be a nvencode driver installed on the system. However, nvEncOpenEncodeSessionEx fails with status code 2: UNSUPPORTED_DEVICE.
Driver version 10.0 running on the system. Using nvEncApi.h version 10.0 as well.

Is nvencode really not supported on the xavier nx, or am I doing something wrong?

The code was developed for geforce and quadro cards, and runs perfectly fine on those.

Thanks for your hints.
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It is specific to desktop GPU and not supported on Jetson platforms. On Jetson platforms, we support gstreamer and jetson_multimedia_api. You may consider to use jetson_multimedia_api and take a look at 01_video_encode:

After the installation, the samples are in