libnvidia-encode/H264 perf

I’m trying to benchmark the tegra X1’s h264 encoding capabilities.
I’ve tried to use the sample code from the video_codec_sdk_7.1.9 but the compilation of the sample code required the libnvidia-encode lib which is not prensent on my system.
Next I’ve tried to use ffmpeg with its built in support for nvenc but once again when I call av_codec_open2 (ffmpeg) it tries to load the libnvidia-encode lib which is not present on my system.
At that point, it seems that the only option to encode in H264 on this platform is to use GStreamer and libnvidia-encode seems to be installed only on desktop workstation BUT not on tegra X1.
This is quite frustrating as i want to re-use my existing ffmpeg code or even better use a low-level api to the tegra h264 encoder just to get the max of it.

Is there any way or plan to develop,install, compile or … libnvidia-encode on the tegra x1 Jetson platform ?

Thank you for your time

Hi bharmel,
We don’t have plan to support libnvidia-encode on Tegra series.

On TX1, please refer to Gstreamer User Guide

Or install Tegra Multimedia APIs via jetpack and refer to