TX2 NvEnc Support


Does the TX2 support the Nvidia Video Codec SDK (specifically NvEnc)? If I understand correctly, the tegra_multimedia_samples encoding example uses V4L2 for encoding, but I am looking to use NvEnc. Are these encoders synonymous/related?

When I download the NvEnc samples, there was some difficulty compiling them but I managed to compile some. When I ran the AppEncCuda sample it complained that “NVENC library file is not found.” This makes me think NvEnc is not supported, or not installed be default, or an environment path is wrong somewhere.



No. Video Codec SDK is not supported on Jetson platforms(TX1/Tx2/Xavier/Nano).

Is there an add-on or some alternative that could allow NVENC to be used on the Jetson TX2?


On TX2, you can utilize gstreamer or tegra_multimedia_api.