Nvvideo not available on Xavier NX

I cannot access the nvvideo flag on the Xavier NX. Is this expected behaviour? I would like to collect metrics from the onboard JPEG encoder.

L4T version: 32.7.1
Nsys version: 2021.5.4

$ nsys profile -t nvtx,osrt,nvvideo ./app
Illegal --trace argument 'nvvideo'

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Tom K

@Andrey_Trachenko can you assign this?

We use jetson_multimedia_api on Jetson platforms. Please refer to the sample for JPEG encoding:


I am already using jetson_multimedia_api to do the JPEG encoding.
I want to include the encoder when profiling with Nsight Systems, which I assumed nvvideo was for?

For checking status of hardware engines, please execute sudo tegrastats and check NVJPG.