HW Engines (NVENC) for xavier NX

we are developing the application that get video from url and record in local machine.We using the Xavier Nx for our Application.To get the video we using ffmpeg.
while running the application it seems that HW engines(NVENC,NVDEC,NVJPG) are OFF.

we have

  • JETPACK 4.4 [L4T 32.4.4]
  • CUDA: 10.2.89
  • cuDNN:
  • TensorRT:
  • Visionworks:
  • OpenCV: 4.1.1 compiled CUDA: YES
  • VPI: 0.4.4
  • Vulkan: 1.2.70

Somebody Please help me to enable the HW engines

As far as I know FFMPEG does not support Xavier HW engines. Try a Gstreamer pipeline with NV-modules and you should see that HW engines are used.

Please check

For leveraging hardware encoding, please consider to use gstreamer or jetson_multimedia_api. Here are document links: