NVENC on Grid K520


I am trying to use NVENC on a Windows box with GRID K520 card on it. However I always get invalid version in response of NvEncodeAPICreateInstance call. I have tried with NVENC 5 and NVENC 4 and same result. The driver is the latest available 335.35. What can be the reason for the fail ?

After some experimenting it looks like the most up to date driver for GRID K520 is for version 3 of the NVENC SDK. How can such a high class card does not have a more recent driver … or I am missing something ?

I don’t think you’re missing anything - I had to downgrade our library when moving from the K1 card in development to AWS. I was hoping for an announcement about updated drivers for the K520 series at GTC, but no such luck.

Each version of the SDK requires newer drivers as newer NVENC SDKs also require newer drivers.
NVENC 3.0 requires R335.35 or newer and is available on the public website.
NVENC 4.0 requires R340 and newer.
NVENC 5.0 requires a Windows driver R347.09 or newer and Linux driver R346.22 for newer.

GRID drivers newer than R335.35 are available to NVIDIA GRID software partners under license with the GRID SDK 3.0 and newer.