Nvfortran etc. man page lists -Mvect=idiom but not supported

Man page says -Mvect=idiom still supported, but compiler rejects it

Can you please provide more details, including the compiler release version and OS you’re using, as well as an example of the error?

“-Mvect=idiom” is still there and accepted by all the compiler drivers, on x86_64, but isn’t supported on ARM. Are you on ARM?

If yes, I’ve put in an RFE (TPR #28879) to see if we can customize the man pages better per platform. Though the best place to look for what flags are or are not supported on a particular platform is via the command line help (-help) flag.

Hey Mat,

20.7 on ARM. RHEL 8.0. I did the --help thing of course. That helped me notice the discrepancy in the documentation.

tx001[1](~) nvc -Mvect=idiom 1.c
nvc-Error-Switch -Mvect with unknown keyword idiom
                    Control automatic vector pipelining
    [no]simd        Generate [don't generate] SIMD instructions
     128            Use 128-bit SIMD instructions
    nocond          Don't generate conditional SIMD instructions
    [no]assoc       Allow [disallow] reassociation
    cachesize:<c>   Optimize for cache size c
    [no]fuse        Enable [disable] loop fusion
$ man nvc
       -Mvect [=option[,option,...]] -Mnovect (default)
              Pass options to the internal vectorizer.  This also sets the
              optimization level to a minimum of 2; see -O.  If no option list
              is specified, then the following vector optimizations are used:
              assoc,cachesize:c,nosse, where c is the actual cache size of the
              machine.  The -Mvect options are:
              idiom noidiom (default)
                     Enable idiom recognition; this currently has no effect.