Nvidia 100% cpu usage - Pls Help me it is very important!

Hi Guys,
I need your help.

We use a miniPC Intel® Atom™ D2550 (dual-core ) with Nvidia graphics cards GT610 and we are facing an issue that has a major impact on the quality of the service that we offer.
The problem consist in a considerable increase in CPU consumption (+100%) that occurs when you turn the screen rotation.
In practice, once we apply a rotation of any moving object, such as a video, it causes a huge resource consumption that however is not present in normal mode.

The tests were carried out on different versions of the operating system:
Fresh Install Ubuntu 12.04 x86_64
Fresh Install Ubuntu 4.13 x86_64
Ubuntu 12.04 x86_64 with kernel 3.9.10
01/06/2013 Fresh Install Archlinux x86_64

The versions of the graphic server used are the following:

  • Xserver-xorg 1.11.3
  • Xserver-xorg 1.14.2

The video card is a GeForce GT 610 and driver versions used in the tests are:

Was also performed a test with an open driver for Nvidia cards (Nouveau) that did not show this problem.

Best regards.

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Hi hdtech,

I have observed same and reported this issue almost 8 months back, still no fix or update.
See here:

For time being I am using a “workaround”, set __GL_YIELD environment variable to “USLEEP”. This brings down the CPU usage to reasonable levels (though your framerate might be affected slightly)

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hdtech, Please provide below information :

Reproduction steps in detail.
Desktop Environment you are using like KDE, GNOME, Unity etc…?
Window Manager you are using Compiz, gnome-shell, Kwin, Unity etc…?
-Using any display manager like gdm, kdm etc…?

we tried with different desktop environments. We tried also to disable DE and session managers and run a test program from xinitrc with same results.

You can reproduce this problem in this way:

  • rotate screen from nvidia-settings application or using “xrand -o left” command
  • run glxgears as test application

Using workaround reported on https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/526057/__gl_yield-and-performance-issues/#3737286 we have seen a slowdown in performance especially in video playing.

nvidia internal bug to track this issue 1224943

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