NVIDIA 515 Driver not working on RTX 2060 SUPER


I have an industrial PC with RTX 2060 SUPER running Ubuntu 20.04.5. Kernel version is 5.15.0-46. The recommended NVIDIA Driver 515 is not working. There is a blank screen at startup and it hangs

Just for on info: on this same system I was able to get the driver working with Ubuntu 18.04
and NVIDIA driver 470.74 as recommended (Blank screen after installing nvidia-driver-510 on RTX 2060 SUPER machine)

Bug report:
nvidia-bug-report.log.tar.gz (108.5 KB)

If this is a Neousys board, please see this:

Thanks. Have contacted Neousys for updated BIOS. Have also attached the bug report here if there is anything different about my setup…

Thanks a lot. After the BIOS update its working like a charm!

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