Ubuntu 20.04 with 2080 ti Cannot boot(multiple driver tested)

nvidia-bug-report.log (209.9 KB)

Hello guys, I have reinstalled Ubuntu 20.04 on a GPU server, and after I installed nvidia driver 515 with the .run script downloaded from nvidia official site, the system cannot boot, and I run the bug report script in Ubuntu recovery mode.

The GPU functioned normally on Ubuntu16.04 with driver 470. Then I tried to install driver 470 on Ubuntu 20.04, but the system boot with black sceen. I logged in to the system on tty2, used nvidia-smi, and it printed: “no devices were found”. But the GPU can be seen with “lspci | grep -i nvidia”

I have also tried to install nvidia-driver-520, nvidia-driver-520-open(this is the recommanded driver by ubuntu-drivers), and nvidia-driver-515 from both ubuntu ppa and .run files. None of them worked. I tried 515 at last, and failed to make it work. Wish to get some help here.

Neousys board, see