Graphic Driver Installation, Ubuntu 18.04, Geforce RTX 2080 SUPER


I have tried to install a graphic driver so many times…

But, at all try, I got ‘No devices were found’ from ‘nvidia-smi’.

and having lots of errors from ‘nvidia-settings’

I installed it at ‘recovery mode’ with
‘sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa’ and ‘sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall’

and here is my bug report
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (199.0 KB)

help me plz…

[   26.012896] NVRM: GPU 0000:06:00.0: RmInitAdapter failed! (0x26:0x56:1262)
[   26.012990] NVRM: GPU 0000:06:00.0: rm_init_adapter failed, device minor number 0

Please try with the 510 driver again, if this is still not working, try reseating the card in its slot, check if it works in another system, otherwise the gpu might be broken.

Thank you so much for helping me sir,

I tried 510 version and to reseating the card, but it didn’t work
Exactly, It even didn’t booting (impossible recovery mode too)

And I secured the card at another pc, but it didn’t work
The pc couldn’t recognize the card (by main board beef sound)

I also found the card is really hot when I touch it

Now I’m finding A/S

Thank you sir

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