Nvidia agx nx platform about uart driver serial-tegra.c problem

Conditions required to judge the completion of each serial port or delivery process in half-duplex mode.
Judgment criteria related to variables or registers.
I have know
The liunx application layer needs to be provided with the interface to determine the conditions of one receipt or end.

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the UART controller supports both 16450 and 16550 compatible modes. default mode is 16450 (non-FIFO mode).
please access Xavier TRM and check page-7994, UART chapter for reference.

How to distinguish between the hardware uart reg is sent complete

check this, UART_IER_DLAB_0_0. there’s Interrupt Enable for End of Received Data (EORD).

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I still didn’t understand that much.

static struct uart_ops tegra_uart_ops = {
.tx_empty = tegra_uart_tx_empty,
.set_mctrl = tegra_uart_set_mctrl,
.get_mctrl = tegra_uart_get_mctrl,
.stop_tx = tegra_uart_stop_tx,
.start_tx = tegra_uart_start_tx,
.stop_rx = tegra_uart_stop_rx,
.flush_buffer = tegra_uart_flush_buffer,
.enable_ms = tegra_uart_enable_ms,
.break_ctl = tegra_uart_break_ctl,
.startup = tegra_uart_startup,
.shutdown = tegra_uart_shutdown,
.set_termios = tegra_uart_set_termios,
.type = tegra_uart_type,
.request_port = tegra_uart_request_port,
.release_port = tegra_uart_release_port,
The linunx application layer needs to send the data to the device through the serial port. The interface logic in the driver is that it can judge the end of one transmission and can start receiving the data.
On the contrary, the logic can be judged after the receiving data


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please refer to kernel driver, $L4T_Sources/r32.6.1/Linux_for_Tegra/source/public/kernel/kernel-4.9/drivers/tty/serial/serial-tegra.c
there’s callback function, tegra_uart_tx_dma_complete() to determine the conditions,

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I have test uart send command data to Mx485 uart device
test 600 have 3 ACK data fail
Baud = 9600

Set camera zoom Test #153 Sucess, Current zoom mode is : 1
evt 6408 9600 sleeptime = 6240
evt 6408 read ret = 6
90 41 ff 90 51 ff 0 0 RS485 UART Device ACK data

Set camera zoom Test #216 Failed
evt 6408 9600 sleeptime = 6240
evt 6408 read ret = 6
90 40 ff 90 50 ff 0 0 RS485 UART Device ACK data

Is there Aynchronous baudrate error and
How to fix the error?





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is this due to chance of a bit error occurring?
please refer to the datasheets for related information,