NVIDIA CUDA Libraries Won't Update to New CUDA Toolkit Version

I have a Windows 11 system. I previously had CUDA toolkit version 11.5 installed in my WSL environment.

I needed to update it to either 11.8 or 12.1 so I decided to update it to 12.1.

When I run dpkg -l | grep cuda, I get the following output:

Basically, all the CUDA libraries were updated to 12.1 except for these 4 NVIDIA CUDA libraries:

ii libcudart11.0:amd64
ii nvidia-cuda-dev:amd64
ii nvidia-cuda-gdb
ii nvidia-cuda-toolkit

Running ls in /usr/local/ shows cuda, cuda-12.1, and cuda-12 directories only. I don’t see any 11.5 libraries in the system.

Running nvcc --version outputs:

nvcc: NVIDIA (R) Cuda compiler driver
Copyright (c) 2005-2021 NVIDIA Corporation
Built on Thu_Nov_18_09:45:30_PST_2021
Cuda compilation tools, release 11.5, V11.5.119
Build cuda_11.5.r11.5/compiler.30672275_0

Here are the relevant details -
Driver: 537.99
CUDA: 11.5 (Even though I installed 12.1)
OS: Windows 11. I installed everything on WSL-Ubuntu

Does anybody know how I can update these 4 specific libraries to 12.1? Or what steps I should take?

Any help is appreciated!!

You also installed nvidia-cuda-toolkit which is not the official cuda packaging but an (often outdated) alternative debian packing. Please remove it, libcudart11.5 should go away with it. The official cuda 12 runtime is already installed in the package “cuda-runtime-12-1”.