NVIDIA Developer Community Code of Conduct

DevTalk Community Code of Conduct

The NVIDIA Devtalk Community is a friendly place where we rely on respectful interactions. While here, please avoid the following:

  • Vulgar, obscene, hateful, abusive, political or religious content.
  • Disclosure of private information or content that is not your own or that you do not have rights to transmit, such as:
    1. personal phone numbers, addresses or other contact information that is not your own
    2. private information such as social security numbers
    3. copyrighted content, trade secrets or securities
  • Legal threats against NVIDIA or competitors.
  • Off-topic content not relevant to community purpose.
  • Advertising, promotion or solicitation, including chain letters, class action lawsuits, charitable appeals.
  • Content or links to content that contains contaminating or destructive features that may damage someone else's computer.
  • Duplicate or excessively repeated submissions in one or more areas.
  • Content used to impersonate another person.
  • Content or behavior that violates any applicable laws.
  • Content or behavior that interferes with the operation of the site or with another member's ability to use the site.
  • Please do not discuss product rumors, trade secrets, or leaks.


NVIDIA, at its discretion, may use one or more of the following to enforce these terms:

  • Removal of content.
  • Editing submissions to remove content that violates the terms.
  • Restricting or otherwise limiting accounts.
  • Banning accounts.

Thanks for being part of the NVIDIA Developer Community