Don’t ever do business with nVidia. They hate customers. Don’t believe me? Try to use the live chat support. You’ll never speak to a rep because it’ll keep moving you backwards through the queue. Use the Email system? They’ll make excuses. They’ll blame the automated system for that, as if they didn’t design the automated system, and then they’ll close your support ticket without your consent and deliberately and maliciously refuse to open it?

Call the executive over Customer (We Don’t) Care? Don’t bother. He won’t answer his phone, and he won’t call you back.

The nVidia boycott is on because nVidia has issued a legally binding admission (by failing to address these complaints within 72 hours, per their own policy) that they hate customers and they don’t want our money.

Since you already have a forum account: If you have a technical question, consider asking it in the relevant sub-forum of this forum site. There are no guarantees that someone will know the answer, but it seems worth a try. There are other places you could ask technical questions regarding parallel computing with NVIDIA GPUs, for example StackOverflow.

I’m just making the announcement that we are boycotting nVidia because they hate customers.

It seemed to me you were upset because you were seeking information that you have not been able to get. Without knowing what your question is, it is impossible for anybody on these forums to render assistance. As I said, there can be no guarantees that anybody would be able to help, but it wouldn’t hurt asking. If nobody knows the answer, you’d be off no worse than now, so there does not seem to be a downside.

Just out of interest, who is “we”?