The sad sad tale of my experience with Nvidia’s customer service

I love Nvidia products and I used to think Nvidia was a truly great company.

Now I’m not so sure.

My fellow nerds, sit down, grab your hanky (and a spare), and let me tell you the sad sad story of my experience with Nvidia’s customer service.

Three months ago my Jetson Nano stopped supplying power to the USB ports. I wrote Nvidia and they told me it was still under warranty and I should send the board in for a replacement. [Incident: 230821-000208]


At first I had problems just getting the correct information for the return, but I chalked it up to one incompetent customer service rep. Little did I know they are pretty much all incompetent. When you call or write in, they are actually insufferably polite, so you think, “OK great today will be a happy day for me”, DON’T BE FOOLED. Most of these people have the IQ of gerbils (I do apologize to any gerbils reading this post for the hurtful comparison). Every time I wrote in or called, which by my count is now around 15 times, at first, you are greeted with wonderful soothing courtesy, its like making flirtatious small talk with Audrey Hepburn at the local coffee shop, then they
ask if they can put you on hold while they “investigate the issue” (of why I have not received my replacement Nano). This usually lasts 20-40 minutes if you are lucky, however probably 50% of the time you will wait over an hour and/or they do not get back to you at all. What you say? Yes, sadly it’s true. Now, if they DO get back to you, you will once again be greeted with lovely courteous niceties which calm your frayed demeanor after having just waited the better part of an hour for them to respond,

“Oh by the way sir, how is your day going? I hope the weather is nice where you are at,sadly its raining here but I would sure like it to stop so I can go for a stroll in the park withm my puppy this weekend!”

then they invariable tell me, “don’t worry sir, our “CONCERN TEAM” is looking into this matter and they will Email you shortly”. Of course, after being told this countless times over the course of a couple months, NOONE at this mystical “CONCERN TEAM” has ever got back to me (forgive me for using caps but my fingers cannot control themselves at the moment). I, personally, don’t know what a CONCERN TEAM is or who, if anybody, staffs it. All I know is that you cannot contact said CONCERN TEAM and they most certainly will NOT contact you even after being asked to do so over and over and
over and over again. Personally, I would love to have a job at said CONCERN TEAM, it sounds like a cush gig and my tan has faded.

At this point, forget the possibility of a replacement, I would just like to have my original Nano back but I mean let’s be honest, that’s a moon shot. Such a complex transaction is surely well beyond the grasp of anybody on the customer care team. You might as well ask them to provide alternate derivations of the Schroedinger equation. So, alas, Nvidia relieved me of my Nano that I paid for and wont replace it. At least when you get pick-pocketed you might get a brief
sensation of pleasure.

Nvidia, I know you have some intelligent PhDs on your staff, I too am a PhD. So let me ask you professional to professional, why have you contracted with these people? One can get better service at your local DMV. Please Nvidia, live up to your great potential as an AI powerhouse and do something about this and while you’re at it, send me my Nano.

…and that my fellow nerds, that is the sad sad story of my experience with Nvidia customer service.

Sorry to hear that, let me forward your issue to internal team to see how to improve it.

Is this [Incident: 230821-000208] your RMA numner?

Yes this is my incident number. Thank you…

Replacement Nano received. Thank you.

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