RMA service problem

I am from India , I pre-ordered Jetson Nano 2GB dev kit from nvidia partner(through nvidia site) , I got a defective piece (its not booting ) so I raised a ticket and they asked me to ship it back ; I shipped them back ;they too tested it again and replied me back that it is not working and they are sending it to nvidia for replacement and it will take 2 weeks to get the replacement .

Why don’t they give me the replacement immediately as I got the defective piece from the box itself

Hi gautham.k.28,

May I know who the distributor is?
And what’s the RMA number?

Hi @kayccc ,

Thankyou for replying,

Sure , The distributor is “Tanna TechBiz”

No I did not get any RMA number from them.

I pre-ordered the kit , after receiving my kit I followed the procedures given in the website , it did not get booted , then I contacted them , then we had a video call in skype , they inspected the nano , then they asked me to send the nano to them , I shipped it to them, they replied me that they also tried to boot the nano but it is not booting , so we need to send nano to nvidia and it will take 2 weeks for replacement.
I replied them that please replace a new nano for me because I havent even used the product even once, I got the defective piece from the box itself , so my question is why dont they replace with a new nano immediately , as I got a defective piece in the box itself . And that too I pre-ordered Nano and is this how i will get treated ? sending a defective piece and asking to wait for 2 weeks ?

Issue got solved , thanks to @prlawrence , I would like to change the title of this thread , someone please help me , I am unable to edit the title of the thread . And the actual problem is from the seller , not with nvidia , If possible mods please delete the thread , Sorry for the inconvinience caused and thanks for helping :)

I updated the title to match what we discussed.

Thanks again for reporting the problem! It helped us uncover a process problem, and we were able to drive fix.

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