RMA request Jetsons nano 4g development kit

I bought a Jetsons Nano 4GB development kit a few days ago. I followed the steps for getting started with Jetsons Nano board as given on the website.
I followed the SD card image method for flashing the OS on the board.

Unfortunately I didn’t want to boot up at all. I doubled checked the with various power supplies, flashing the image on different SD card, checking with different HMDI cables and monitors but nothing seemed to work.

I even tried to check with the SKD manager method, but didn’t work as well. Finally I contacted the authorized dealer for NVIDIA Jetsons Nano kit in India, RP Tech / Rashi peripherals in Mumbai, India.

After they checked the board they came to the conclusion that the kit was faulty and it needs to be replaced, but for that I need to generate a RMA request on this forum. Kindly accept my request and process my replacement board as soon as possible. For any further details feel free to contact me.

Yes, please do the RMA if it’s in warranty period.

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