Optimus technology - solution required


Look, I’ve been trying to contact NVidia support many times, they only tell to wait each time… I’m tired of waiting. I payid for laptop over 1000 eur and thanks to Nvidia “supper” technology(that is actually totally useless and has awfull support) I’m unable to use my laptop normally for many months already.

Help me to find any solution to make Nvidia card work on linux. I don’t care about any powersaving etc. I need nvidia to be primary card and work with my laptop’s display. As far as I know there’s some multiplexer chip, that switches card, that does actual output. It’s acceptable, that I have much less battery life. I need to use my laptop normally. So, NVidia crew, please HELP!!!

Here is a link to laptop http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareCategory?os=4063&lc=en&cc=us&dlc=en&sw_lang=&product=5293354.

I also tried to contact HP to ask them release BIOS update to make it possible to force nvidia be only card used, but they also don’t wanna help(their customer help desk are total idiots). As I know, firms pay money to NVidia for having license to be able use Optimus technology. So maybe, Nvidia crew, you could contact HP and ask them to release a new BIOS version with option to run nvidia only. I guess they will listen to you, but customers they are ignoring. I paid for Win7, but it doesn’t mean, that I have to use that garbage OS.

Thanks! Hope any kind of help is coming.


You can take a look at the Bumblebee project here:


Enjoy your NVidia graphic card on Linux ;)


Not an option, cause it goes in conflict with intel drivers + causes system stall every ~30 mins. That option is not good. More over, method of using “optirun” etc is not good, need to reprogram many system icons, assosiations etc.

Try what these other guys are attempting, then: (so far unsuccessfully, I might add)

I also tried that - no use. Black screen - and no any effect.

Listen, Nvidia crew, fix that shit somehow quickly. I was patient, waiting not less then 3-4 month. ENOUGH! I’m really angry now. I have private software company and am It’s general director. Currently, telling everyone, also to my customers to avoid buying Optimus shit cauze unable to support their own garbage(guilt is 100% yours, as far it’s your technology) and you after so many month just doing nothing to fix it. As to me, I gonna sell that laptop and buy some other one without that shit on board. I gonna recommend everyone KEEP AWAY from Optimus. By the way, tell me, what’s the point to safe some 30-40 mins of battery time and through away laptop for that? Your technology is real nonsence. I recommend you to immideately to stop selling it, if you don’t wanna loose customers. Any technology is good, only in case if it’s usable and has a normal support. But currently it’s some unusable, pointless garbage. Sorry for that, but there are no other words I can find.

Actually it would be good if you’d call back my laptop and return money for that to me, cauze I’m not gonna wait for half a year more while you make it work just “somehow”. It was my worst experience ever. Even if you make better hybrid hardware in future - I’ll never buy that, cauze your brand is ashaimed now and has absolutely no trust. Next time I’ll think 1000 time before wasting money for your new know-hows.

Ahhh, yeah… Forgot to make an offer for future. Next time, when you try to “increase” battery life, think logically, that everyone can overlive lower battery time, but noone gonna be happy with unusable graphics. So even if you continue producing something similar to optimus, make it work right way: Nvidia card by default should by primary, and ONLY in case of low resource usage it should swith to some other one(intel for example), so that if support for drivers fails, customer would be able to use max performance card, but unable to extend battery life. That would be more logical, then current nonsence.

Yeah you’re not going to get any help with that sass.

You got exactly what you paid for: a Windows 7 laptop with an advertised Windows 7-only feature. Just because you thought you could shoehorn some Linux distro on there and get a smooth experience doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed anything other than what you got. And you should know better than to think that the Linux stack has the competence to handle these kinds of features.

If you want a Linux laptop, next time buy an actual Linux laptop… from Dell or whoever is selling them these days.

You’re a director of a software company and don’t understand these basics?

Agreed with jwcalla !

However, since you are a great general director, you know that people prefers generally to work on Windows. So, your laptop is perfect to increase your audience by developing multi-platform software.

Good luck ;)

How do you know that? Do you have insight into what the Nvidia Linux team is doing at all times?

You’re wrong, BTW. Nvidia has been working on Optimus support the past few months. First thing was getting access to DMA-BUF. They finally got that, starting with the 3.9 kernel. And the latest beta driver has some beginnings of support. It’s not yet full support and even what’s there isn’t working for some, but that’s why the driver is called beta.

Then there’s Bumblebee. It’s a hack, but it’s been in development for some time now, so it has become a well polished hack that works adequately for many people. Instead of ranting here, you should investigate why it isn’t for you and get it running.

And finally, jwcalla is totally right. You’re lashing out at Nvidia, but the one you should be angry at is yourself and only yourself. It’s not like Optimus is new, it’s been around for years, it’s Linux status is well known.

Ok. I listened to you all guys. OK. But, laptop manufacturers hide info that it’s fucking optimus. That’s the first thing, and Win 7 is ok? :D Stop bullshiting me. I’ve turned around already at least 100 customers from buying optimus even using win7. Cauze there is many bugs and problems even in windows. And at last, stop fucking telling me, that I’m the only guilty. I buy hardware, that MUST work. I can use OS whatever I want to use. And again, if so, why nvidia describes that bullshit technology as supper good, not telling on their website what a garbage it’s truelly is? It’s GARBAGE, TRASH. They didn’t even make is work 100% right at windows and hiding, that win7 and win8 is the only OSs it’s working with.

So if laptop came with Win7(because of fucking MS monopoly) it doesn’t mean, that I’m supposed to use that. And finally, why should I buy Linux laptop? I don’t like parameters they have(including display, not best CPU etc).

So, you can still can tell me, that this guilt is mine, but think about this: last time, when one company also showed middle finger in support, I made them loose over 1 000 000$ per year and finaly that company not selling anything in my country. The same I gonna do to Nvidia. They think, if I don’t buy chip directly from them, then they can show me middle finger and refuse in support. Ok, I can overlive that loss, but think now, can you overlive, if I proove everyone, that optimus is fucking trash and people avoid buying it.(more over even not looking at that Optimus is being hidden(missing on box label and in description that it’s optimus) I will teach now how to figure out it’s fucking optimus).

So, be ready to loose money, and to use it a lot(that’s not empty words - I’ll do it).

And the last thing, on the box of my laptop written: NVidia GeForce Graphics and Geforce GT 630M. Nowhere is written Optimus. That’s a trick to make users buy that shit. But wait, I’ll make you and HP loose customers for that.

And one more thing, on nvidia support desk they admitted, that it’s they fault. And it’s easy to eliminate optimus technology. Same story was with AMD long ago, while CPU’s were instable etc, company lost their brand’s rating, and many people still avoid buying any AMD hardware. Same story will be with NVidia. That’s the rule of business - one happy customer brings you 2 more, but one angry can take them all away from you.

And you, who try to look as a cool smart guys - read this, before telling that I’m wrong! http://www.wired.com/wiredenterprise/2012/06/torvalds-nvidia-linux/

That’s Linnus Tovalds(creator of linux kernel) telling Nvidia “fuck you”. You gonna say he’s also guilty and idiot?

And stop thinking that way, that NVIDIA tries to make you think. Do you really think they making us an oner trying to make it work on linux? NO. That HAD to think about that before technology mass release. All they trying to do now is to safe their ass from fiasco they are already in. So not gonna say any thanks even if they fix it. TOO LATE, guys. Time to pay for your mistakes - don’t care about customers - THEN LOOSE them. And then, we’ll take a look, if you need my and other customer’s money or not.

And that’s also what I’m telling, FUCK YOU, NVIDIA IDIOTS!

And don’t think I behave so with every corporation. Long time ago, I had a problem with Intel. Intel sent their courier to my house, taken away their buggy product and gave me much better replacement. That’s why I respect intel and never buy any other CPU’s different from intel ones. Intel is perfect. But NVidia only tries to give fucking excuses and does NOTHING.

I would gladly agree, if NVidia gave me the same option, as Intel did years ago. Come here, take away that laptop and give me a replacement(better or about the same) but without optimus shit. I’ll be happy and will shut up my mouth. I paid for laptop already 3-4 month ago and still cann’t use it normally. Do I have to say “thank you NVidia for that?”. Guess, I don’t have to.

And I finally found a video itself, where Linnus tells fuck you nvidia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVpOyKCNZYw

I believe you had an option to return it, since you saw that Optimus is not supported on Linux on that day 1, why didn’t you do it?

nVidia DID NOT promise anyone Optimus on Linux, DID NOT advertise Optimus on Linux etc hating them for not providing it “already” is dumb. Not that I said the buyers are dumb, don’t go there, at most they are un-informed, but that’s why most shops accept returned products in 1 or 2 days if they are not on your liking.

Also, having the MUX so that you can use nVidia all the time is just an OEM choice, not a nVidia one, so you can blame Asus or Acer or Dell or whatever. Actually most of this hate and enquiry should be directed at them, how many of you guys/gals did write an email to the laptop manufacturer asking/demanding/pleading for a nVidia driver supporting Linux or is it easier to just say FU to nVidia here?

I tried to return laptop. It was not accepted. And by the way, as far as I know, nvidia sells optimus over agreement and licenses. So HP told the same, tell that “fuck you” to nvidia, “cauze we are not guilty that nvidia doesn’t support their own technology”. And actually I have to agree with that. Cauze laptop itself is quite good, but thanks to fucking optimus it’s useless.

And I payd and even bought that laptop, only because it had powerfull video card, but later found out, that it’s impossible to use it. So saying I got what I payid for - is a lie. I payid also for nvidia card, but nvidia has no support to it. Whom I supposed to say thanks for that? Surely to nvidia. And look also what linus tovalds said. He didn’t say fuck you HP, fuck you Acer, asus or else something - he told fuck you, NVidia. It’s their technology and THEY are guilty that it has so awfull support.

I would say that to HP, but have to admit, that all devices work perfectly, except that only Optimus shit. And that’s Nvidia’s fault. Noone else is guilty, except NVIDIA

You sound like a real whiny ass. I’ve seen four-year-old girls have their lollipops taken away and suck it up in a more manly manner than the display you’ve put on here. And these threats you’re making about ending business contracts are just icing on the cake. Frankly if I was running a company I would be thrilled to be spared the indignity of being your business partner.

Hah :D Will you say the same to Linux Tovalds?

And I don’t care about you, you’re not my business partner and will never be. I hate playing dirty business(the way nvidia does it). They should describe Optimus as it really is:

  1. Awfull support.
  2. Not stable technology(even win7 always fucks up turning intel when required Nvidia, and turning Nvidia, when required intel. It’s just guessing, what windows and driver does. That’s poor quality.
  3. Blinking on card switching
  4. This bullshit(Optimus) doesn’t worth extra money expenses saving 5-10% of battery and making problems for that
  5. Nvidia card failure on ther OSs(not only linux) it fails in winxp etc.

So what I see, is that NVIDIA lieing everywhere that technology is good, hiding what a bullshit it actually is. That’s dirty business. If they are honest enough, they would write also all the minuses this technology has and tell it to customers to let them choose, is it really so good or it’s a bullshit.

That’s why I can say what I said without being sorry at all. Nvidia deserves such a feedback. They want huge ammount of sales, they want money, but oooops, they haven’t thought at all about customers and support.

Will make nvidia run at the edge and at the limit of it’s max performance and see how it burns. Then get replace. Will make so while it will not be replaced or refunded.

Wouldn’t it be much easier to just go out and buy a laptop that suits your needs, rather than trying to blow up the one you have over and over again until the manufacturer relents and gives you a refund? What kind of business do you run where spending hours and hours of labor to burn out laptops is more cost-effective than just buying what you need? Why not just throw the thing on ebay, recoup as much of your initial cost as possible and write off the rest as a business expense?

You’re a real piece of work.

It’s not the question of money, it’s qustion of being principal. And don’t worry, it’s done already. Took only 10 mins to appear broken graphics and about one minute more to video be totally dead. As I told, video on laptops been, is and will be a boolshit it seems.

Now no problems, will give at service, when I’ll have time and let them replace mainboard util they tired to do it :D lool Only funny, that itel chip is alive, it goes fucked only in attempt to switch to discrete graphics :D so only nvidia died, but that’s enough for mainboard replace.

Easy way to get a laptop replace is to make it run some 24 hours in a row with max performance settings and make it run very heavy games making graphics card run at limit. It will fail 100%. And remove any extra coolings. Only laptop builtin fan. It will fail and burn.