Nvidia driver 525.60.13, confirm Red Hat (8.7) kernel support

We have both Quadro RTX 4000 and Quadro P1000 cards installed in machines running Red Hat Kernel=4.18.0-425.3.1 (RHEL8.7). Please confirm the cuda and kmod driver versions are supported, and with what version.

The repo we use is (Index of /compute/cuda/repos/rhel8/x86_64) we have tried “dnf install cuda” which installed cuda 11-8, and kmod 525.60.13. After installing the 85 dependent packages and rebooting the kernel driver does not load, confirmed with lsmod command, and also with nvidia-smi command indicates it cannot connect to gpu. I do not find driver 525.60.11 in this repo which is what your web sites indicates is the current driver for these cards: (removed links because new users can only add one link)