Problems installing CUDA 11.4 on RHEL 8.4

I am having problems installing CUDA 11.4 on RHEL 8.4.

Several questions:

  1. I have RHEL 8.4, where the kernel is 4.18.0-305.12.1.el8_4.x86_64
    However, according to
    Installation Guide Linux :: CUDA Toolkit Documentation
    for RHEL 8.4, the supported kernel is 4.18.0-240
    A search shows that it was the kernel from May 2020, and I have no way of going to it, because RHEL 8.4 that I just installed comes with kernel 4.18.0-305.12.1.el8_4.x86_64
    What shall I do?
    Would the installation steps in the above NVIDIA web page also work for kernel 4.18.0-305.12.1.el8_4.x86_64?

  2. GeForce RTX 3070 Ti is a CUDA-capable GPU, right?
    That is what I would like to use for now to run CUDA on.

  3. In the above NVIDIA document, section 2.5, Install MLNX_OFED,
    is not clear.
    Specifically, it is not clear how to install MLNX_OFED on RHEL 8.4, and in what mode.
    Also, according to Sect. 13.3 of
    NVIDIA GPUDirect Storage Installation and Troubleshooting Guide :: NVIDIA GPUDirect Storage Documentation
    “Currently GDS only supports RAID 0.”
    However, I have RAID 1 in my system.
    Does that mean that I cannot install CUDA 11.4?