When will CUDA 8 support RHEL 7.4?

Hi there,
I’m installing CUDA 8 on Red Hat Linux 7.4 with the network installer and I have version mismatches for some dependencies, actually, the versions of some packages installed with RHEL 7.4 are newer than the ones required by CUDA 8.
These packages are:

  • libstdc++ 4.8.5-16 vs 4.8.5-11
  • glibc 2.17-196 vs 2.17.157
  • libICE-devel 1.0.9-9 vs 1.0.9-2

Downgrading glibc is not supported by RedHat. So it is really the CUDA driver dependency that must be updated.
Is there any plan to support CUDA 8 on RHEL7.4? If yes, when may I expect an update?
Is there a workaround? Is the runfile installation going to suffer from that same problem as well?

Well well well, that was a problem with gcc and gcc-c++ dependencies, not CUDA, sorry for the inconvenience :-)