CUDA 10.1u1 on RHEL 8?

Hello there!
Recently we have been looking into upgrading our development workstation to RHEL 8, but upon further inspection, we discovered that CUDA 10.1, despite being brand new, is not “officially” supporting RHEL 8 yet.

Is there unofficial support for CUDA 10.1 on RHEL 8, and is there a timeline for official support of RHEL 8 with CUDA?

The same question: very interested for dev setup with RHEL 8 but strongly need CUDA. Is there some kind of the CUDA roadmap or release cycle?

The roadmap is not published. Generally speaking, questions here asking for future information will often be not responded to.

CUDA 10.1u2 is now compatible with RHEL 8.

Amazing news! Thank you!