CUDA 2.0 on OpenSUSE 11.0

has anyone tried CUDA 2.0 BETA on OpenSUSE 11.0 BETA 3? Will CUDA 2.0 be compatible with OpenSUSE 11.0 (to be released next June 19th) or will it remain on OpenSUSE 10.3?
By the way, when will the final CUDA 2.0 be released?

CUDA_2.0 should be released in a few weeks. OpenSUSE-11.0 will not be supported in that release.

Could we get a list of distributions that will be supported in CUDA 2.0? I’ve seen somewhere here that only Ubuntu 7.10 will be supported for instance. Can I get the confirmation of that? Having the list of supported distributions would be very helpful.

Thank you.

The following Linux distributions will be fully supported in the 2.0 release:
Ubuntu 7.10

Given past experience with OpenSUSE 10.3 & CUDA 1.1, I’m sure that with some patching, CUDA 2.0 could be bent to run on openSUSE 11.0

Netlama, any chance you can be a little more specific? Some of us have been anxiously awaiting SUSE 10.3 support.

Also, as an aside… since Ubuntu 8.04 uses gcc 4.2, is it reasonable to assume that it will run unsupported since I am running CUDA 1.1 on Fedora 8 right now without any problems? :thumbup:

Thanks as always

I’m not really clear what kind of specificity you’re requesting.

I can’t comment either way with respect to Ubuntu-8.04, as it will not receiving any testing internally until CUDA_2.0 is released.

I’m using Ubuntu 8.04 for w/ the 7.10 release of CUDA 1.1. It works fine, but I have to use gcc-4.1. I assume that Cuda 2.0 will run just the same. The supported / unsupported waters seem to be fine to swim in if you know what you’re doing and are willing to hack a bit.