CUDA & supported linux versions

I’d like to ask somebody the supperted version of linux’s problem!
when i read the “CUDA_Getting_Started_2.3_Linux.pdf”,“CUDA_Getting_Started_2.2_Linux.pdf”,“CUDA_Getting_Started_2.1_Linux.pdf”;I found that the supported version of linux:
verify you have a Supported Version of Linux
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.3-4.7, 5.0-5.3
but my PC cluster (is a old one) is red hat enterprise 4.2, then my CUDA2.0 is installed successly.and the CUDA_SDK’s examples is running well.but my own program in windows is running well,when i use CMAKE translate it to linux,there is so many “nan”.So i don’t know whether my own program’s logic error or the linux version probem?
could you somebody tell me that do Red Hat 4.2 supported the CUDA2.0,2.1,2.2,2.3,3.0.If not,why the CUDA SDK is running well?my GCC’s version is 3.4.
Thanks :rolleyes: