Nvidia driver not work after reboot on Ubuntu

We have found several times on different computers that the Nvidia driver(410 or 396) not work after reboot on UBUNTU(16.04) system.

  • It happened after around several weeks each time.
  • When the error happened, The NVIDIA-SMI is throwing this error: NVIDIA-SMI has failed because it couldn’t communicate with the NVIDIA driver.
  • After reinstalled the driver, it could back to work.

Anybody has any idea, what’s cause this issue? And how to fix it?

If you used the .run installer to install, maybe you forgot to use the --dkms option for the driver to survive a kernel update. It’s better to not use the .run installer on Ubuntu though, instead add the Ubuntu graphics ppa and use the packaged driver from that.

Thanks for your suggestion that should be the correct reason.
I have just check the kernel of Ubuntu that had been updated recently.
And I haven’t installed the driver with the dkms.

Thanks for your answer again.