Nvidia-driver on Ubuntu 20.04 (5.14.0-1045-oem) not working after cuda

I used to have Nvidia drivers working fine before trying to install CUDA.
After I tried several Cuda versions 10.2/11/11.7 I can’t get my nvidia drivers working anymore.
I tried several driver versions but all fail with this message when I try nvidia-smi

NVIDIA-SMI has failed because it couldn't communicate with the NVIDIA driver. Make sure that the latest NVIDIA driver is installed and running.

please find attached my Nvidia bug report.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (260.6 KB)

System INFO

  • Linux naruto 5.14.0-1045-oem #51-Ubuntu SMP Mon Jul 4 06:41:22 UTC 2022 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
apt list --installed | grep nvidia

WARNING: apt does not have a stable CLI interface. Use with caution in scripts.

libnvidia-cfg1-470/unknown,now 470.129.06-0ubuntu1 amd64 [installed,automatic]
libnvidia-common-470/unknown,now 470.129.06-0ubuntu1 all [installed,automatic]
libnvidia-compute-470/unknown,now 470.129.06-0ubuntu1 amd64 [installed,automatic]
libnvidia-decode-470/unknown,now 470.129.06-0ubuntu1 amd64 [installed,automatic]
libnvidia-encode-470/unknown,now 470.129.06-0ubuntu1 amd64 [installed,automatic]
libnvidia-extra-470/unknown,now 470.129.06-0ubuntu1 amd64 [installed,automatic]
libnvidia-fbc1-470/unknown,now 470.129.06-0ubuntu1 amd64 [installed,automatic]
libnvidia-gl-470/unknown,now 470.129.06-0ubuntu1 amd64 [installed,automatic]
libnvidia-ifr1-470/unknown,now 470.129.06-0ubuntu1 amd64 [installed,automatic]
linux-objects-nvidia-470-5.15.0-41-generic/focal-updates,focal-security,now 5.15.0-41.44~20.04.1+1 amd64 [installed,automatic]
linux-signatures-nvidia-5.15.0-41-generic/focal-updates,focal-security,now 5.15.0-41.44~20.04.1+1 amd64 [installed,automatic]
nvidia-compute-utils-470/unknown,now 470.129.06-0ubuntu1 amd64 [installed,automatic]
nvidia-dkms-470/unknown,now 470.129.06-0ubuntu1 amd64 [installed,automatic]
nvidia-driver-470/unknown,now 470.129.06-0ubuntu1 amd64 [installed]
nvidia-kernel-common-470/unknown,now 470.129.06-0ubuntu1 amd64 [installed,automatic]
nvidia-kernel-source-470/unknown,now 470.129.06-0ubuntu1 amd64 [installed,automatic]
nvidia-prime/focal-updates,focal-updates,now 0.8.16~ all [installed,automatic]
nvidia-settings/unknown,now 515.48.07-0ubuntu1 amd64 [installed,automatic]
nvidia-utils-470/unknown,now 470.129.06-0ubuntu1 amd64 [installed,automatic]
xserver-xorg-video-nvidia-470/unknown,now 470.129.06-0ubuntu1 amd64 [installed,automatic]
OS: Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS x86_64 
Host: Precision 5560 
Kernel: 5.14.0-1045-oem 
CPU: 11th Gen Intel i7-11850H (16) @ 4.800GHz 
GPU: Intel Device 9a60 
GPU: NVIDIA 01:00.0 NVIDIA Corporation Device 25b8

Secure boot is enabled and the driver is unsigned. Please disable secure boot.

Thank you it now works.

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