NVIDIA Driver Symbol Server

Hi, I am trying to debug our application which uses OpenGL. We are receiving some crash reports from our users and we cannot get proper callstack. The problem is missing binary nvoglv64.dll (not PDB) - for this I found that nVidia provides access to its driver symbol server (https://driver-symbols.nvidia.com/), but the DLL cannot be accessed from there. If I suppose that the DLLs in the directories are properly sorted by their versions, the “newest” nvoglv64.dll has version, but the crash report shows me the used DLL with version Is this symbol server still updated? Is it stopped or is there any new link?

Just a note, that for one crash report I managed to get the nvoglv64.dll from the user and the callstack properly then showed - I don’t care about the addressed pointed to nvoglv64.dll, but due to offsets, etc. it was possible to properly calculate base addresses of the functions in my app).

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Hi there @lubomir.kovac and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

I relayed the information to the people who take care of the symbol server and I hope to have some information for you shortly.


Hi again @lubomir.kovac!

The team now updated the symbol server to include the 462.59 version of the driver, so please check if the Debug integration with VS now works with the necessary DLL version.

They are now also looking into why this was missing and how to improve it. So hopefully this doesn’t cause issues in the future.

Thanks again for pointing this out to us!

If it should be update already, then it is still not working. I randomly picked one of our crash reports which points to nvoglv64.dll, and binary is still not found. Version of the DLL should be Can you e.g. verify that this one is stored in the symbol server? How can I identify manually that the DLL is there or not? In directory for nvoglv64.dll there are a lot of hex values - how can I identify the hex value from the DLL’s version? Or how can find out which hex value represents which DLL’s version?

There is a rather informative Blog post describing how to set up a Microsoft symbol server, it includes decoding the Hex values, which are basically timestamps and file size. For the timestamp itself, https://www.epochconverter.com/ is pretty useful for quick conversions.

The guys are still looking into what causes the missing symbols on our server, so I am not surprised that the newer 472.91 DLL is also still missing. I am sorry.