Nvoglv64.dll Symbols not found on symbol server

Visual Studio cannot locate symbols for nvoglv64.dll (File Version: with Timestamp: 13/07/2023 12:58 AM). Error is: https://driver-symbols.nvidia.com/: Symbols not found on symbol server.

Can you confirm these have been uploaded to the symbol server as I need to inspect a crash call stack - many thanks in advance.

Hello @bensan.morris and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

This was supposed to be fixed a while ago already, but apparently the newer versions are still missing on the symbol server.

I reached out to the owners again to see about the status.

Thanks for bringing this up!

Hi again @bensan.morris,

The symbol server is actually up to date. The file you need would be

(I just downloaded it with wget)

Sadly the webview of the directory is not correctly refreshed at the moment.

The directory name is a combination of the official file timestamp and the file image size in lower case. If you download the official driver .exe file and extract the relevant file, you can check the details with dumpbin.exe /headers nvoglv64.dll.

Filtering the necessary data gives:

64AF3E20 time date stamp Thu Jul 13 02:58:24 2023
428D000 size of image

The timestamp above is GMT+3, so I suspect there is some issue with how Visual Studio gathers the directory encoding from the file time stamp. Because your timestamp seems to differ (which would translate to 64AFF4D8 instead) and might cause the issue.

For some detail on how the symbol server is used by Visual Studio, you can check out this blog post.