NVIDIA DLL Paths in Visual Studio w/Insight : can't find missing [xyz].dll

NVIDIA DLL Paths in Visual Studio w/Insight : can’t find missing [xyz].dll … I can’t find my remaining sanity.

I have seen a smattering of people having problems getting NSight to correctly find there Dlls that are not put into the Debug folder. None of these postings help.

NVIDIA… this might be new to you: Not every project created in visual studio dumps every dll needed into debug release making it nice and tidy for NSight to come along and find everything. Having a working solution to set the Environment Path would be fabulous.

I have tried setting Synchronization Directory in NVIDA NSight Options in the Control Panel and in VS->Project->NSight User Properties. I am so baffled by this searching in the bowels of App Data in

C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\NVIDIA Corporation\Nsight\Monitor\Mirror

and find a whole lot of nothing after specifying multiple directories and telling synchronization to pull in my dll’s. Failing that I tried moving the default from app data to a known location c:\projects\NSightSyncFolder … still nothing. Not sure what it’s supposed to be synchronizing, but I get nothing.

I am so baffled by this… Do you think you can add say a “Environment Path” setting in Launch under Launch Actions or Options… I mean call me crazy, but it sure would be nice to be able to tell Nsight: Hey here are the dirs for my dlls. If there is a way to specify dlls it has got to be the most confusing way of doing it I have ever seen. Please no postings of: Hey just copy your dll there. Yea tried that it will work for the requested dll then it begs for another missing dll… and another… and another… like a kid in a candy store. soon man as well copy my whole HDD there.

I also asked for may moons ago for an attach to process option… pretty sure I will be waiting until 2020 for either of these two things to work.

my time better served with some form of gpu printf.

Hi bitminer,

Thanks for your feedback.
I believe that it will be more convenient to use nsight tool in future.


Hi bitminer,

I am not very understand your requirement, do you tried to use Nsight User Settings that can add directories for synchronize.

For attach process option, we do support attach to sub process which select your launcher app as ‘Application is a launcher’, that works for the games or apps (for example, steam games).

Please note, we don’t support the attachment debug like visual studio’s debugger, that because Nsight can’t inject the codes to the target app which already run without Nsight for a while.