NVIDIA Nsight v - missing call stack in Analysis

I try to profile directx application with NVIDIA Nsight Analysis. I follow documentation and tutorial video with serious sam 3 profiling. I launched Analysis on local machine with VS2013 (with opened solution). The problem is that I can’t get an appropriate stack trace pointed to my code. Any call shows only the hexadecimal address, the module name but nothing else.
I tried to profile another application in VS2010 but got the same issue.
I found the same problem here https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/528962/missing-call-stacks-in-nsight-3-0-rc1-and-2-2-and-2-1-/
Should I setup any paths in Nsight or adjust something else? How to fix this problem?

Best regards.

Hi vdontsov,

Please confirm something:

  • you run your Nsight monitor under admin privilege
  • you select ‘System’ in Trace Settings, Nsight Analysis need this option to be selected for collect stack trace
  • you need to select ‘Call Stack Trace’ in ‘OpenGL’/‘Direct X’ from ‘None’ to ‘Always’

After that, you should have the ability to collect proper data about stack trace and see it in your timeline page.


I confirm. The result is the same.
The next things I get:
Timeline stack trace:

Modules tab:

Should I adjust something in th Nsight options? (e.g. Symbol Management)

For some reason it swaps discs name in modules path.

Windows is located on “C” and my app is located on “D”.

Seems like a bug.
I created symbolic links to solve this problem.

Hi vdontsov,

Umm, that’s weird, could you try these:

  • set Resolve Symbols back to default: ‘Using symbol server’
  • leave Symbol Cache Path and Symbol Server Paths to null

Do you run your sample remotely? It’s weird that some system dll are located in D:\ but not C:\

I tried on my local machine, that works fine.


No, I run my sample on my local machine.
I’ve tried to apply your options, but it doesn’t help. System dll are located in C:\Windows but NSIGHT thinks that they are in D:\Windows.

Hi vdontsov,

There might be some settings make things mess up. Could you please try to delete these:

  • back it at first
  • remove C:\Users$(user_name)\AppData\Roaming\NVIDIA Corporation\Nsight

Take another try.

If it keeps happen, could you please share your sample to us, I want to do a local investigation.


FYI. The bug still exists in
My application dll’s are located in D:\ but Nsight modules paths points to C:\