Nsight asking for DLL VS2017

Hi all!

I would like to use Nsight, but i’m new to it. So I installed the latest version, and when I try to start “Start Graphics Debugging”, it crashes and ask for DLL that are on my computer and used for my program (such as opencv_core310.dll, opencv_ccalib310.dll, pba.dll…).
The problem is, I can’t see anywhere where I can tell Nsight the path to search these DLL…

Can someone help me?

Thanks a lot
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Looks like you are using Nsight Visual Studio Edition, it would be better to post in “Nsight, Visual Studio Edition” subforum.

Anyway, if you can run your app successfully without Nsight, can you confirm that you have set the correct working directory? (Right click your project, Nsight User Properties)

Sorry, I will ask in the good subforum!
But yes, I have set the correct directory, it seems that my folder containing my DLL’s is not in my %PATH% so, either I have to put the path to my folders in the %PATH%, either I have to copy every DLL I need in the folder of my code…