Error 'missing file on system' on session start due to paths containing a mapped network drive lette

Hi, want to share some experiences.

I wanted to start a NSIGHT Debugger session in Visual Studio via ‘NSIGHT / Start CUDA Debugging’. On startup, I got an error from NSIGHT ‘missing file on system’ - although the executable to start was present.

After some research ( I found out that the reason might be that NSIGHT seems to be unable to mapped network drives. After changing the directories ‘output directory’ and ‘working directory’ given in VS project properties so that they do not contain a mapped network drive letter, NISGHT debugger started.

Really strange. Another issue was when starting the NSIGHT debugger session, that some DLLs were not found which were set in the PATH environment variable, so I copied them directly into the working directory.

NSIGHT version used is NSIGHT 4.5, Cuda Toolkit 7.0, VS 2013.
Maybe these issues have been resolved in a newer NSIGHT version.

Hello HannesF99,

Are your DLLs in network drives? I wonder if windows allows app to load the dll in network drives. Also please have a check if your app can run without nsight.

Best Regards