Nsight debuger run problem

hello …

i run my code and getting correct answer but when i want to debug it by Nsight Nvidia debugger , i’ll encounter with this error :

the nsight debugger was not able to start because of the program ‘’ is invalid . please verify the output file name in visual studio , and the Nsight user properties . launch external program setting . this must be an absolute path.

i’ll be appreciate if you tell me what should i do ?

Hello reza_m,

Looks like a visual studio solution issue, please tell us more what you have done, where is your app from? Is it built from c++ or .net?

I google it and find someone had got the similar issue before, maybe you can try the solutions in the links below.


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hi again
thank you for reply

i read this issue before but i don’t get acceptable feedback …

best regard @@miri@@

Hi miri,

Please verify your output file name in visual studio project property and Nsight user properties, looks like visual studio just cannot find your output exe.

If the issue still cannot be fixed, could you upload your vs solution to a network driver and send me the address if it’s not confidential, I gotta have a check.

Best Regards

thank you for your reply Harry …

i do the procedure but i dont find that Nsight Option icon in the solution explorer tab …

do you know that how i find it ?

Hi miri,

Please right click the project not the solution and you can find the Nsight user properties, normally nsight will try to launch the exe according to visual studio project property, but looks like your nisght cannot find the output exe file, you can specify which exe you want to debug in it.

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