How to specify executable for Graphics Debugging

Apologies if this is obvious :-) But if I build a debug executable (outside of the IDE) then load it into VS 2013 I can C++ debug it etc, but if I try Nsight Graphics Debugging it just says

The Nsight debugger hates you and was not able to start because the program ‘’ is invalid. Please verify the output file name in Visual Studio, and the Nsight UserProperties | Launch Settings | Launch External Program setting. This must be an absolute path.

I cannot find Nsight UserProperties. I have NSight Options on the menu bar. I have General options right cick on the executable. I have found docs showing a nsight icon in the solution explorer but it is not present in my VS 2013.

If all else fails I could actually build the executable as a VS project within the IDE but it consists of something like 13000 build rules so I’d rather avoid it if I can as my normal; workflow is to use ninja with the VS compilers.


Hi KennethMMartin,

You need to create a new fake visual c++ project and click on your project item [not your solution item], then you will find the Nsight Option icon in the solution explorer tab.

Configure your path and working directory, and then you can do the debug with Nsight.