NVIDIA Edge AI & Robotics Roadmap 2023

Yesterday at ROSCon 2023, we unveiled new announcements and advances for JetPack 6.0 and beyond:

We invite you to attend two upcoming webinars on the above topics:

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We published a walkthrough of the Jetson Generative AI Lab here!

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this is amazing: * bring-your-own kernel and Linux distro in JetPack 6
I hope the jetson I wish the jetson could get to use the NVIDIA Linux open GPU kernel module source. GitHub - NVIDIA/open-gpu-kernel-modules: NVIDIA Linux open GPU kernel module source

Do you already have a fixed date when Jetpack6 or beta of jetpack6 launches for jetson orin AGX devkit.
It really sounds amazing.
I can not wait for ROS2 humble native not in Docker anymore.

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@yalttlay JetPack 6 is supposed to come out later this month

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Thanks for the fast answer.
Do you know if it’s mid November or later.
We have a study project and it would be nice to start directly with jetpack6.

@yalttlay it will be late November, like 11/30

are we there yet?!! ;) roll on the 30th of november!!!

do you know if jetpack 6 will support cuda 12.1? I’m really struggling to get the orin running cuda 12.1 and guessing it’s not possible

@f.mainstone JetPack 6.0 has CUDA 12.2


out this 30th?

@johnnynuca14 I have to check with the engineering teams on the status since the holiday, but baring any blockers/issues/bugs to resolved, we are tentatively targeting 11/30 for the release.

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So make an old man happy and tell me that pytorch 2.1 on JetPack 6 will support distributed…

Thanks ( in either case),


PyTorch already can support distributed on JetPack 4 and JetPack 5, it just needs to be built when you have MPI installed or with USE_DISTRIBUTED=1. Which this dockerfile for building PyTorch wheels does by default:

Having an updated example of building pytorch in one place is awesome. Thanks, as always, Dusty!

Jetpack 6 today? I can’t wait for this awesome update.

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I hope so I’m also waiting


Also excited for Jetpack 6 release today

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