Nvidia gpu driver use on aarch64 platform

I want to use Nvidia gpu on an aarch64 server, the OS is CentOS for aarch64. I’m not sure if the driver can work for aarch64.

The driver might work. If not, why they released it. I think you can try it on your server, not asking a question here. I think there’s anyone who tried this, but I can not find any post, blog, or video about this.

I tried to use GeForce Titan X on the aarch64 virtual machine, and the host was x86-64, with QEMU PCIe passthrough. But it’s failed. However, the x86-64 virtual machine worked(host and guest are both x86-64). I think the virtual machine is the reason for failure, not the driver itself. The Titan X is recognized correctly, but ``rm_init_adapter failed’’.