This new GRID demo site is now live! Please register or log in at: http://www.nvidia.com/trygrid and give it try! See how GPU makes all the difference with virtual desktops!]

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Please note that the Test Drive is currently available in North America only. Want to learn more about the how to use the Test Drive? Check out the video below or read the GRID Test Drive Manual

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The trial connection is suposed to work for 24 hours? I get "Your GRIDTestDrive minutes have been exausted" after minutes not hours?

During the last months we have made the GRID Test Drive available internationally. At the moment we have data centers in Oregon (North America), Tokyo (Asia), Singapore (SE Asia), and Dublin (Europe).

When selecting "Best Experience" you get connected to the data centers closest to you.

I am a beginner at 3d modeling and do not possess any type of software programing experience. I want to improve my renders and animations, is the best method?

Hello, want to buy NVIDIA GRID workspace, is price and where I can buy it?
I would appreciate a lot your reply

I just finished testing, now I want to buy it to perform like?

sorry for poor little English proficiency

my country (IRAQ) is not in the list, how can I test the drive??
please help :(

same here. any chance to test GRID even if my country is not in the list?

Could I literally just buy a GRID server and use it as an OP gaming rig, no cloud involved?

Well, I sign up for the test I confirm by PINCODE when I click on "Submit" The instructions email to connect to nvidia does not arrive can someone give me Guidance?

I am just wondering If I will be able to install and test Ansys Electromagnetic performance with use of nvidia Grid test drive, presuming I have the license and the software that I will need to install manually.