Nvidia grid VGPU vmware 7.03 ampere a 100

Good evening, we bought 2 Ampere video cards NVIDIANVIDIA A100-PCIE-40GB but we can’t work in Nvidia Grid VGPU profile mode. The drop-down menu is empty.
The system used is VMware 7.0 Update 3 Enterprice Plus and the drivers installed are:
Nvidia-vmware_esxi_7.0.2_driver 470.63-1oem.702.0.0.17630552 NVIDIA VMwareAccept 2021-12-11
The cards are in Shared Direct mode.
Thank you

You will need NVAIE for A100. VGPU doesn’t support A100/A30 anymore starting with vGPU 13.x

Regards Simon

I followed this guide,

I have nVidia licenses and I downloaded drivers from the site, but the problem remains

Do you really have a NVAIE trial? You require the right .VIB from the NVAIE software to support A100. VGPU Trial and software won’t work.

I’m using this version

Won’t work. As I ssid you need to request a NVAIE trial

ok thanks