NVIDIA Highlights Unity Tutorial

Originally published at: https://developer.nvidia.com/blog/nvidia-highlights-unity-tutorial/

  NVIDIA Highlights enables players to capture in-game moments automatically based on events occurring during gameplay. Highlights represents a key feature in NVIDIA’s ShadowPlay automated screen capture software. (You can check out more information about ShadowPlay here). This blog introduces basic concepts a developer needs to implement the NVIDIA Highlights plugin for the Unity game…

Very interesting feature but not working, neither in Unity 2017.4 nor 2018.1... Everything looks fine and messages pops up saying this or that video was captured but nothing there! ...Unless it is a GeForce Experience version issue (I'm using with driver 397.93).

That's very interesting, but throws an error on startup -1001 GFGSDK_ERR_INVALID_PARAMETERS, also tried with Sample scene.
"Invalid handle pointer provided, or no app name provided."

What is wrong with that?